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It's human nature that drives our free market economy. After all, the character and conduct of any industry or business, big or small, comes down to its people. And, people squabble–sometimes justifiably, sometimes irrationally–especially where money is concerned. Companies and their principals, often suddenly and unexpectedly, encounter significant disputes that may involve any number of players, such as:

• Competitors
• Vendors
• Suppliers
• Distributors
• Customers
• Contractors
• Investors
• Creditors
• Debtors
• Employees
• Regulators
• Managers
• Members
• Shareholders
• Partners

It thus should come as no surprise that most durable and successful enterprises find themselves in court or arbitration from time to time.

Tackling a business litigation matter demands thought and action that is strategic, pragmatic, creative, detail-oriented and goal-driven. To that end, facts must be reliably gathered, risk/reward must be assessed, a clear objective must be set and a budget must be established.

Law Office of Gregg H. Metzger provides high-standard, result-oriented and cost-effective trial representation to its entrepreneurial clients, no matter how complex, combative or challenging the case may be or appear.


Starting a business or venture? Buying or selling a business? Licensing IP rights? Pitching a confidential idea? Hiring or engaging key sales personnel, managers or consultants? Contracting with vendors, suppliers or distributors?

In the formation of a company's multifaceted legal documents, attention to detail is crucial. Use of boilerplate contracts and instruments from external sources might seem easier and less costly at first blush. In the long-run, however, standard reliance upon such forms to protect valuable business interests without intensive oversight by an attorney with "skin in the game" is the commercial equivalent of Russian Roulette. All agreements are created equal . . . that is, until one of them actually gets put to the test in litigation. When a key legal document is subjected to judicial scrutiny, a discovered flaw or deficiency could jeopardize a company's very existence. In the best case, litigating a defective or poorly crafted legal document likely will impose significant legal expense that otherwise could have been avoided with  investment of just a bit more time, energy and focus at inception.

Law Office of Gregg H. Metzger provides its entrepreneurial clients with meticulous counsel and assistance in business transactions, from negotiation, to customized document preparation, to closing.