INtellectual Property


Ecommerce and related technology have democratized business. Small and mid-sized businesses can now compete with larger businesses in ways that were previously thought impossible. This is especially true within specialty and niche markets.

With modern opportunities, however, come new challenges. For instance, it is now more typical than ever for competing businesses to pick off customers by infringing their rivals' brands or misappropriating their trade secrets. Conversely, businesses now sometimes "weaponize" their own intellectual property rights by unjustly accusing their rivals of infringement or misappropriation in an effort to intimidate or litigate them out of existence. Thus, a company that wants to prosper in today's competitive business environment must be at the ready to secure and enforce its intellectual property rights, particularly in the areas of branding, trademarks, domain names, copyrights and trade secrets. It also must be ready to push back whenever a rival, big or small, asserts a bogus intellectual property or unfair competition claim against it.

Law Office of Gregg H. Metzger vigilantly assists its entrepreneurial clients enforce their intellectual property rights against infringers and poachers, and proactively defends them against meritless intellectual property and unfair competition claims, whether in federal or state court, TTAB proceedings, ICANN proceedings or any other forum or context.


Licensing a brand, software or technology? Hiring a sales representative or consultant? Engaging a celebrity sponsor? Contracting with a vendor, supplier or distributor? Today, almost every business deal and relationship bears some licensing or other intellectual property component.

Law Office of Gregg H. Metzger provides both entrepreneurial and individual clients with focused representation to ensure clarity, precision and fairness in transactions involving the licensing and use of intellectual property and related rights. The firm also taps into its network of IP associates to assist its clients in securing intellectual property rights in the USPTO and Worldwide, including trademark and patent prosecution and registration.